Welcome to The Bare Basics, a world where easy to prepare food is combined with gorgeous, every day men to make for a must-have cookbook.

Warning: TBB is not for the pompous and proper, but rather for the young, adventurous and those wild at heart.

The Bare Basics is a cookbook project directed by dietitian, Kelly Daly, in an effort to bring fun back into the kitchen with the hope of it resulting in a healthier youth. And well, what more could you want than a cookbook loaded with naked men? 

The Bare Basics has every recipe and method you would need when learning to cook the basics. It covers breakfast, mains, desserts, nutritional tips, drinks and a How-To section. From boiling an egg or cooking the perfect steak to making an infused risotto or a family roast, The Bare Basics is the go-to for all cooking adventures great and small.

Australia FINALLY has a cookbook straying from the norm!

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Hope you love it!